The Paua Clinic is the jewel in the College’s crown

The Paua Clinic has been serving and seeing members of the public and the local community for many years now. The Paua Clinic is dedicated to natural health and wellness.

In the third year of the Bachelor of Natural Medicine students train in the Paua Clinic. The clinical programme is fully supervised by experienced practitioners. Students see members of the public as their clients. In this environment clinical students integrate their theoretical knowledge with valuable hands-on experience. They follow through with each new client and evaluate their progress to assess the effectiveness of their treatment.

With free visits for under 6s and over 65s we have a range of clientele through Paua clinic. Naturopathy is for everybody – the old and young, those with acute problems as well as chronic illnesses. With the knowledge our student practitioners gain in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and other medical sciences they are highly aware of when it is safe to use natural medicines together with other medications and when there may be contra-indications or interactions.

In addition, each year Paua Clinic invites one of our talented new graduates to begin their practice on-campus. Our Graduate Practitioner is available for consultations through until June.

Naturopathy is particularly effective for digestive disorders, stress, fatigue, coughs and colds, women’s reproductive issues and a myriad of other health conditions.

Natural medicine focuses on a gentle approach to healing, in balance with nature.

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