Testimonials – 1st Year Students

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“Up until a year ago I was completely clueless as to what I wanted to pursue as a career. I had been down many paths, I was emotionally drained and depressed from the stress of leaving my home country, South Africa, and having to start my life all over again in a new country.

One thing I’ve always been passionate about is the idea of improving your health and wellness through diet and using the resources that Mother Nature so willingly has to offer in abundance. As a family unit, my parents and I pursue a very clean eating lifestyle. And I know that this is something I want to keep pursuing, and educate others about. When my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma cancer, it became even clearer to me that natural medicine was incredibly effective, and definitely a career I’d be interested in.  Natural medicine has just opened my eyes to a world of infinite possibilities and I am determined to follow my passion. I researched different institutes in Auckland that offered natural medicine as a degree and the first place that popped up on my browser was SPCNM. I applied and within days I was contacted for an interview and after that… I was in!

 Like anyone venturing into the unknown, I was scared, but since being here at SPCNM, I could never and would never look back. I am now a First Year student and on my way to becoming a practitioner of natural medicine. From Day 1, I have felt nothing but love and enthusiasm pouring out of every single person working at SPCNM. Class sizes are small and the staff are always so available. As students, we have the privilege of  getting to know the teaching and administration staff so personally. Every person you come into contact with gives off a positive and uplifting energy which just lifts my day. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. The lecturers carry with them decades of knowledge and experience which makes our learning experience as students that much more enriching. No question is ever a stupid question in class and anything is possible. I have never been so happy in such a caring, loving and passionate learning environment.”

Dominique Du Preez

“After a number of years working in the non-profit sector, I was tired and completely worn out. Not sure what direction to take, I went on a retreat and spent some time contemplating my future. I had always had a keen interest in natural health, and a strong desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. As I started to put my life’s ‘puzzle pieces’ together – a picture began to form – and I knew what I had to do: I enrolled to study at SPCNM. It was a big decision to launch into something completely different, but any concerns that I had melted away as my first semester progressed.

I chose to study at SPCNM because of the scientific-based approach coupled with the flexible learning options that would suit my lifestyle. Getting back into study was a little daunting at first. However, the environment is so supportive – and the course content is nothing short of fascinating. The lecturers and staff are approachable, and I have met an awesome bunch of supportive peers.

Did I mention the SPCNM Garden? It is just beautiful, and this semester I will have the opportunity to grow my own medicinal plants – so exciting!! But don’t just take my word for it! I would encourage you to visit SPCNM and see it for yourself – you might even get to meet the honorary student, little Dougie!*”

*Dougie, or Doug – as he is formally known as – the College cat, gets a mention from at least one our students every year when we create the new testimonials for the website.

Chantelle Meikle

Testimonials – 2nd Year Students

“Embarking on this journey alongside South Pacific College of Natural Medicine has, for me, been a delightful learning experience on many levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Going into my second year, I have found that the lecturers and staff are dedicated, energetic individuals who have challenged me with new knowledge within a safe and trusting environment. I also love how we are a mixture of students of different ages and backgrounds as we feed off each other’s energies and ideas. We belong to a wonderful SPCNM family, full of the different personalities of the lecturers and my peers alike!

SPCNM is much like a welcoming home away from home. We have a lovely herb garden, and are entertained every day by the antics of our much-loved College cat, Doug. Our student commons, Cheal Cottage, is the perfect space to interact with students of other years; where we can share experiences and give advice to each other. There are also comfortable corners for relaxation or peaceful, personal study. We have wonderful facilities, with consistently updated resources to supplement our studies, for personal interests and to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.

SPCNM has been supportive and encouraging. I am loving this journey of study and learning and cannot wait for Third Year, when I may get more of a taste of the Clinic experience!”

Barbara Ou

“I first became interested in Natural Medicine in my late teens and this passion evolved into a way of life with and after the arrival of my four gorgeous children. Now that they are older, I have decided to follow this path as a career.

I took a lot of time to research where I would study as I wanted to graduate not just with knowledge but a sense of confidence in my ability as a Natural Health care practitioner.

My first year at SPCNM has only heightened that sense of confidence. The SPCNM College facilities are geared to create the perfect learning environment. The library and administration staff are always available for added assistance and the garden is a constant calming reminder of the roots of our study.  The tutors have a wealth of passion, knowledge, experience and more importantly, integrity. They are challenging yet supportive, the classes are always a good mix of facts, experience, and a healthy dose of humour – where and when appropriate! I have found our class discussions to be thought-provoking and insightful. I feel immensely lucky to be studying alongside a great bunch of people who have also become my friends, outside of College.

I entered my first year with trepidation and excitement and now…I’m returning for my second year, fully confident in my ability, with a real sense of enthusiasm and eagerness for the year ahead!”

Michelle Cels

Testimonial – 2nd Year Online Student

I come from a family of food scientists where good nutrition is seen as the cornerstone to good health. It is regular dinner conversation in my family to identify the active constituents of the foods we are eating and to “debate” (argue!) over the health benefits of those constituents.

I discovered other aspects of natural health treatment whilst at University in my early 20s by working with a naturopath to overcome an “unsolvable” medical condition. I was so impressed by how quickly my condition was solved using diet and herbs that I very nearly embarked on herbal studies there and then. However, opportunities in the wine industry took me overseas and kept me there for the next 10 years.

Upon returning to New Zealand, I was disillusioned with the wine industry and was ready for a new challenge. The flexibility of the on-line learning program at SPCNM allowed me to take the plunge and begin this path of becoming a Natural Medicine practitioner- something I had thought was years or decades out of my reach.

I am now entering my 2nd year and am thrilled with the program at SPCNM. The flexibility of the on-line learning program suits me down to the ground. The content of the courses has been very well-thought out, is of a high academic standard and is always fascinating. The assessments are challenging but provide valuable learning experiences in themselves.

The on-site learning weekends have been invaluable to becoming part of the SPCNM community. I am always in awe of the passion within my tutors and fellow classmates, their backgrounds, knowledge, and abilities to juggle family and work commitments, in order to pursue their studies. I also really enjoy visiting the College outside of the organized weekends, whether to use the Library, walk around the garden, visit the clinic, or just say hi to everybody. It is so nice to be greeted by name and with warm smiles when you walk in the door.”

Mike Eyres

Testimonial – 2nd Year International Student

“I have spent my entire life searching for a career path which I would fit into. A few years ago, I dreamed of having the kind of job which I was interested in, and find satisfaction, enjoyment and passion.  This is when I found the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, which has just opened up a doorway to the future in my dream. Now, enrolled in the Bachelor of Natural Medicine, I am thoroughly enjoying my studies here in New Zealand.

Here at SPCNM, I have had just the most extraordinary learning experiences. The teaching is outstanding, and both theory and practical works are well balanced. The academic team and all other staff members are very helpful and supportive.  What makes this place so special for me is the feeling of being at home. SPCNM is ‘student-friendly’. I never feel neglected here, just inspired and encouraged. Also, the school provides a quiet, warm and comfortable place to stay. It is well-equipped with all the facilities that I need to study.

As an international student from the Philippines, studying in New Zealand is highly expensive and of course, finances are a huge concern for me. I am thankful to SPCNM for giving me the qualification to work full time in a massage business while enjoying my study as a part time student.  I highly recommend my school to those who live overseas and would like to embark their studies in Naturopathy here in New Zealand.”

Dolly Gelsanao

Testimonials – 3rd Year Student Practitioners

“A burgeoning interest in nutrition, coupled with the keen desire to further my knowledge by doing some formal study, led me to the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine!

As an adult student, working full-time, I was attracted to SPCNM because I was able to study on-line and just take on a couple papers at a time.  I was really pleased to be able to build on my existing knowledge of nutrition as well as learn so much more about many different aspects of natural medicine.  In fact, I was so happy with what I was learning that after a year of part-time study, I decided to enrol as a full-time on-campus student.

This year I am a third year student which means that I will be working with clients in the College community clinic – Paua Clinic.  This is where I get to pull together all of the knowledge and skills that I have gained over the past years and put it into practise, under the supervision of a qualified naturopath.  I think this is such a valuable part of the curriculum and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll also have the opportunity to create my own business plan, which means that not only will I leave the college with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, but also a solid plan in place to set up my own clinic.

I can’t speak highly enough of the environment at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.  The building is new and modern, the herb garden is amazing, the lecturers and staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the other students are fun and supportive.  There is a real focus on continued improvement and every year I see changes that have be made as a result of student feedback. It’s really great to be part of a learning institution where you feel valued as a student!”

Claire Forster

“Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

The world of natural medicine has been a huge learning curve for me and SPCNM have supplied all the necessary tools, knowledge and mentoring to make me feel assured and excited about going into my final year of study.

Patsy, our Director, does an amazing job alongside the SPCNM staff team and our student reps in continually improving and adapting to our needs as students.  I know they value our feedback and it has been great to see the degree evolve and improve each year. 

My biggest challenge has been essay writing. I love to read and discuss topics at length but find academic writing tough. Luckily, I’ve had exceptional support from Rachel (our Library, Web, IT & Student Support Manager), my lecturers and my Mum (who I didn’t take after!).

My all-time favourite thing about my studies is the people! I get to spend time with fellow students and lecturers who are passionate about natural medicine. We motivate, inspire and help each other in so many ways.  I would highly recommend on-campus study to everyone. For me personally, I couldn’t have done it on my own and I couldn’t have studied on-campus without the huge support from my awesome husband and tamariki.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou“

Whakarongotai Nikora

Fred has had the benefit of being both an on-campus and an on-line learner at SPCNM.

“Having always had an interest in medicine, circumstances in my early 20s led me to choose a career in engineering. But it was when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, that my interest in medicine was sparked again 30 years later. Confronted with my diagnosis and little hope of a cure I substantially changed my life and rediscovered my passion for medicine. Motivated by the limitations of conventional medicine to cure my condition, I embarked on a journey of natural therapies. Luckily, I met integrative medicine practitioners who supported me on this journey early on. Providing me with emotional support, guidance and a wealth of information, these doctors encouraged me to study at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine after noticing my scientific interest in natural therapies.

SPCNM’s flexible options of part-time study in a combination of on-line and on-campus papers enabled me to fit in study, work, doctor visits and family without undue stress.

With the original premise of trying to rebuild and improve my own life and health first, I learnt a vast amount about relevant and science-based natural therapies that have not only been beneficial for my own wellness but will also help me in my endeavour to help others with similar conditions.  

SPCNM is a great place to study with a modern purpose-built campus and even free student carparks! The supportive administration staff and the knowledgeable lecturers provide a friendly atmosphere which makes study fun. Student feedback is valued and acted upon and curriculum adjustments ensure the currency of the Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree. Students work together and even as a slightly ‘older’ adult I never feel like the odd one out. It’s great to be part of such a positive learning environment.”

Fred Schroeter

Testimonials – Alumni

My Remedy Integrated Natural Medicine Clinic, www.myremedy.co.nz


“At My Remedy Integrated Natural Medicine Clinic, we are proud to say that we currently have five BNatMed graduates from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

This excellent qualification gives us confidence to work both independently, and as a team, in order to provide our patients with the best treatment plans possible. We all have a common philosophy which makes it easy to understand and work alongside each other. We also are very individual in our chosen specialties and believe that it is the knowledge and philosophies that we learned whilst at SPCNM that have allowed us to practice so confidently.

Lynette (BNatMed) is a naturopath and homeopath who utilises Hemaview to give a very comprehensive picture of the physical state of the body and how it is functioning; and, where indicated, also integrates homeopathy into her protocols. Her focus is on adrenal fatigue and general health and wellbeing. She also is experienced in supporting those going through cancer treatment. Lynette has a desire to “take Natural Medicine to New Zealand” and enjoys speaking publicly about the benefits of Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

Megan (BNatMed, BCom) is a homeopath who works at the deepest levels of health to find the patterns and triggers that can hold us back from healing and being our very best. Megan also has a background in marketing and has been extremely successful in promoting our clinic and spreading the word about Natural Medicine in the community.

Joanna (BNatMed, HbT) has a wealth of knowledge and passion for all illnesses and disease states concerned with the gut and bowel.  She is also passionate about supporting patients in their weight-loss and supporting bariatric patients, whether to help with preparation for surgery if this option is necessary, or to take care of them post-surgery, as these patients have very special and particular needs.

Selina (BNatMed) has built upon her learning at SPCNM and has studied and embraced the endocrine system and the mysteries of hormones in order to help her patients achieve hormonal balance. She blows us away daily with her knowledge. Selina also provides Therapeutic massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Kohei (BNatMed, BSc) is our newest member of the team and like Lynette is passionate about the benefits of Hemaview (Live Blood Observation). Currently, Kohei is also part of the Graduate Practitioner Programme 2014 SPCNM, which speaks of his excellence in clinic during his Third Year Student Practitioner year. This, combined with his ongoing studies and clinical experience enables Kohei to give clients/patients a comprehensive understanding of not only their current health status, but also help them understand why their symptoms exist and therefore provide excellent treatment plans.

 Because of our shared learning history, and philosophical background, working together is both a pleasure and incredibly empowering. We also are honoured to have graduates from both the Auckland College of Classical Homoeopathy and AUT working in the clinic in the roles of Homeopath (Kathy) and Nutritionist (Danielle).

We thank you South Pacific College of Natural Medicine for what you taught us at the academic, philosophical and humanitarian levels. With the skills and experience that the College has nurtured in us, we can now nurture our clients and patients.”

My Remedy Integrated Natural Medicine Clinic

My Remedy Clinic Team: Lynette, Megan, Joanna, Selina & Kohei

BA, BNatMed, NZAMH, 2014 Graduate,


“The three years I spent studying the Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine were the most challenging, and also most rewarding, three years of my life. Originally from Canada, I chose to study at SPCNM because of its progressive programmes and evidence-based approach. 

However, what I got from my time there was much more than I expected…

I met an incredibly passionate group of people- staff and students alike- who were all at the College for the best of intentions: to help others get well. The atmosphere was incredibly supportive, as we all worked towards the goal of becoming natural medicine practitioners.

Within the courses, I interacted with not only the most up-to-date health science research, I also learned to respect the traditional use of natural medicines, which of course, is the fruit of hundreds of years of research. I was able to understand more about the herbs that we use through the amazing garden, which was used extensively as a teaching tool, and which I was fortunate enough to work in during my final year. The College emphasized the importance of that naturopathic principle which is the foundation for all that we do: to look at each person as an individual and treat them holistically. 

The on-site, community-based clinic, which is part of the final year of the degree, was vital for giving me the practical experience that I needed before setting out. Now I am working in an amazing integrative health centre in Dunedin, and feel confident in my clinical skills.

I am endlessly grateful for my time at SPCNM, and know that because of this course I have a career that I love so much that I will never work a day in my life.”

Emily Boese

Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc.


“Since graduation I have had a full and rewarding career as a naturopath. South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics gave me the basic grounding and confidence to tackle the challenges and opportunities that have made Natural Health not just my passion, but my career. It has been and continues to be a diverse and stimulating work life, taking me into private clinical practice, onto media, made me a twice published author, taught me to train others and given me love of constant research and learning. From corporate wellness to product research and development, the broad scope of a naturopathic qualification brings a wide and varied range of opportunities.

I am constantly grateful for the degree course I undertook and the life enriching learning it gave me. How you apply the insight and learning available from SPCNM is up to you. It is limited or defined only by your drive and your vision. Take it as far and as fast (or slow) as you wish.

Whatever your calling, personal wellbeing, a base for your own business and practice or a corporate career, if you have a strong life philosophy, are dedicated to life enriching learning and are prepared to be challenged, then talk to one of the finest naturopathic colleges in New Zealand, SPCNM.”

Please click here to visit Lani’s website

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Lani Lopez

BNatMed 2014 Graduate,


“Without really being aware of it, I have been around natural medicine my whole life. My Mum used natural remedies for the family as I was growing up and at the time I just thought it was a little different, but did as I was told. 

Natural medicine did not enter my mind as a career until a point in my life when I was overseas, travelling, and I promised myself that when I came home to New Zealand, that I would choose a career that I was truly passionate about. I had seen a naturopath before I went overseas and experienced some awesome results. Naturopathy was everything I wanted in a career: research, an abundance of learning, and, most importantly, it is all about helping people and allowing them to see how they can help themselves.

South Pacific College of Natural Medicine was the absolute best fit for me. It is an amazing school with the most up-to-date resources, a beautiful campus and amazing staff. As I was still working through the duration of the degree, I initially studied by via the distance-learning option, but I finished onsite for my final year. I absolutely loved coming to College, as my fellow classmates and my teachers were always so friendly, caring and informative. The whole environment is synergistic and you really feel that everyone is there to help each other. 

I am determined to give my clients the very best experience possible, and part of that is making sure they have the tools and knowledge to take charge of their own lives and health. My consultations are collaborative; I work with my clients to make sure that they can make the changes they need to get to their best health. Natural health treatment can be difficult, as it takes a real commitment from both parties, but when you see the amazing results it gives, it proves its worth a million times over.

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world and now through my clinic, Naturopathic Solutions, I am. 

I am currently also a product specialist for Martin and Pleasance through Brandfolio NZ.

It is incredible to wake up every morning and know that I will be sharing my knowledge with my clients so they can make a difference to their lives. Synergy at its best.”

Skye MacFarlane