Fees & Student Loan Information for Domestic Students

The College invoices tuition fees each semester. Course tuition fees do not include textbooks and course related materials or equipment.

All course fees must be paid in full 3 weeks prior to Semester start date.

Fees can be paid into; KIWIBANK, ELLERSLIE:  38 9009 0140393 00 (Please quote purpose of funds/your Invoice number if paying by Direct Credit).

No Credit card facilities available.  Note: money transfers from overseas accounts may incur bank charges. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure bank charges are paid by the sender.

  • If within 10 working days of the due date a student has not paid the fees owing or produced evidence of their Studylink application, the student’s enrolment will be cancelled.
  • There is a $20 handling fee per course studied by the on-line learning option.

Refund Policy

  • If any student is expelled, no refund of tuition fees will be given
  • If a student withdraws before the academic programme begins, they will receive a refund of all tuition fees paid
  • If a student withdraws after the semester has begun, they must complete a Withdrawal Form and provide any supporting documentation to the Enrolment’s Manager
  • A refund of tuition fees paid less costs, which will not exceed 10% of the total fees paid or $500 (whichever is the lesser), will be made to any student who withdraws and applies in writing to the Enrolment’s Manager within 2 weeks (14 calendar days) of a semester
  • No refunds will be made if more than 2 weeks (14 calendar days) from the commencement of the semester have been completed
  • If serious illness or accident prevents a student from completing any course in any period of study, the student may formally apply to the Director to re-enrol and complete the course/s paid for without incurring additional fees, as long as the re-enrolment complies with the regulations.

Fees Conditions

  • The cost of course tuition is met by tuition fees and Government funding
  • As required, fees paid are held in a Trust Fund
  • No student shall graduate unless all fees and other costs have been paid in full
  • Full time students should allow approximately $1200 per year for books and other course related expenses.

Student Loans & Allowances

  • Loans are available to  NZ citizens, permanent residents (who have held residency for at least three years) and refugees, who are studying either full-time, or part-time for 32 weeks or over, or part-year and at least 0.25 EFTS (two SPCNM courses); regardless of marital status, age or income
  • Allowances and course related costs (through student loan) are available to eligible full time students only
  • Loans and Allowance applications can be commenced on-line at the Studylink
  • Contact StudyLink to discuss eligibility for loans and allowances.