Career Opportunities

Upon successfully completing the degree, college graduates can obtain employment in the health industry as naturopaths and medical herbalists. Graduates can open their own practice or obtain positions as practitioners in shared practices. They can work in a multidisciplinary health environment; in the health food industry; as representatives for health supplement companies; in retail health shops; in spa and health resorts and in education and research.

The Degree programme aims to develop in graduates a critical knowledge and understanding of natural therapies practice by offering students opportunities to study, critique, and reflect upon the specialised practice-relevant knowledge and philosophy of natural therapies, as well as undertaking clinical practice.

Graduates will not only be successful in a range of skills and techniques informed by theoretical analyses and applied research but should have confidence and assurance to work in the profession; be able to make professional decisions; work with others professionally; and demonstrate a range of the personal qualities expected of natural health practitioners. They should also show a willingness to maintain currency in the field of natural therapies and to continue learning.

Specifically, graduates of SPCNM will integrate and synthesise their specialised theoretical knowledge and apply their diagnostic, problem solving, and analytical skills to manage client care by

  • history taking
  • differential diagnosis and treating
  • appropriate prescribing
  • referring and advising
  • educating on prevention
  • demonstrating cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness

Manage their own continuing education.

Graduates will be well placed to make significant contributions to the practice of natural therapies.

SPCNM offers an ongoing mentoring programme for recent graduates of the college.

Professional Associations

SPCNM graduates are eligible to apply to relevant professional associations for membership once they have qualified. The following professional associations recognise the BNatMed:

  • New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists
  • Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand